How Can Someone Get Short, Wavy Hair?


To get short, wavy hair, the hair should first be cut into the short hairstyle that is desired, then simple waves can be added by drying the hair with a diffuser. Once the hair is mostly dry, use curl cream, along with a large-barrel curling iron to add larger waves into the style. The final look will depend on the length of your hair.

Start by washing and prepping the hair, making sure to moisturize dry or damaged ends, and add products to help control frizz. Using a diffuser attachment, blow dry the hair until it is approximately 85 percent dry, then use a small round brush and continue to dry sections of the hair while rolling the brush away from the face.

Once the hair is completely dry, take a 3/4-inch curling iron and wrap 1-inch section of hair, from the middle of the hair strand to the ends only, and curl. Choose different sections of hair to curl in different directions if you want to create a more natural textured look.

Finally, tousle your hair with your hands so that you break up any pieces that may have been sticking together, and lightly spray with hairspray to help hold the curls. The final look will be a style that has waves.