Where Can Someone Sell Their Diamonds?


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Someone who wants to sell their diamonds quickly should sell directly to the jewelry industry. An alternative option is to sell directly to a buyer.

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People who want to sell their diamonds and get a quick result should try a jeweler. Before choosing a jeweler, it is advisable to check out their reputation with the Better Business Bureau. This is a safe way to ensure they have a good reputation, which means they are more likely to offer a fair price. Alternatively, sell to American Gem Society members only. One disadvantage of selling directly to a jeweler is that they need to make a profit, which means they are unlikely to offer the best price available.

Individuals who can wait a short while for their money should try selling directly to a buyer, as they tend to pay more than the jewelry industry. One option is to try Craigslist, although this does require watching out for con artists. eBay is a safe alternative, but sellers should be aware that their money stays in escrow until the buyer states that the purchase is as described. In addition, the site takes 15 percent commission on sales, so it is worth weighing up the cost versus convenience benefits of different options.

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