How Can Someone Get Rid of Bumps Under the Skin?


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Bumps under the skin are commonly the result of pimples that haven't reached the surface of the skin, and they can be treated using a variety of methods including the use of adhesive bandages, topical creams and hot compresses. Bumps under the skin can be very annoying because they take a very long time to heal on their own and can be very painful and unsightly, but there are methods to treating these bumps that can be very effective.

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Adhesive bandages work well because they apply pressure to the area and force the pimple to come to a head. The Beauty Gypsy website recommends applying a poultice made from half tablespoons of garlic, ginger and onion before putting on the bandage. There are many homeopathic drawing salves that work very well at forcing deep bumps to the surface of the skin. A hot compress method can also be used. This consists of running a folded up piece of paper towel or cloth under very hot water and then pressing it firmly on the area. The heat and pressure forces the bacteria to the skin's surface. This process should be repeated as many times as possible as the more heat and pressure applied to the area, the sooner the bump will come to a head.

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