How Can Someone Remove a Tattoo at Home?


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A temporary tattoo can be removed with baby oil, and one might be able to remove a permanent tattoo with a salt scrub or homemade chemical peel. There are no truly safe home remedies to remove a permanent tattoo, and most physicians recommend against removing one at home.

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The easiest tattoo to remove at home is a temporary one. While most cannot be washed off with simple soap and water, an application or two of baby oil usually does the trick. Simply apply a bit of baby oil to a washcloth and rub the tattoo gently in a circular motion. It may take more than one application, depending on how large the tattoo is.

A permanent tattoo is best removed by a professional, with the most common route being laser removal. Since the tattoo is deep within the skin's layers, there is no easy way to do it at home. One option, however, is a salt scrub. One simply makes a scrub of salt and olive oil, then rubs the scrub onto the tattoo in a circular motion. This procedure must continue until the top layer of skin is rubbed off, which will result in the tattoo appearing lighter. Doctors do not recommend this, or any at-home solution, due to the risk of infection.

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