How Can Someone Remove Dark Circles Under Their Eyes?


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One way to remove dark circles under the eyes is to use a concealer that features anti-aging ingredients. In addition, use an anti-aging face mask prior to applying the concealer.

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There are other steps people can take to get rid of dark circles:

  • Applying concealer in an inverted triangle lights up the area, as well as the face overall.
  • Adding a little shimmer under the eye also lights up the area.
  • Wet a green tea bag, allow it to cool and then apply it to the under eye area for a few minutes. Doing this makes it seem less puffy, which in turn reduces how dark it looks.
  • Always remove makeup before bedtime, as not doing so causes under eye puffiness.
  • Diets that are high in sodium cause the area beneath the eyes to become puffy. A diet low in salt combats this.
  • Individuals who suffer with allergies can take anti-allergy medications to reduce the risk of puffiness.
  • Using a neti pot to flush the nostrils can reduce the water present in the sinuses, which then reduces puffiness.
  • Individuals who sleep on their stomachs may encourage fluid to gather beneath the eyes. Switching to a side or back sleeping position combats this.
  • Drinking less alcohol is advisable. Consuming too much alcohol draws fluid away from the skin, which in turn makes the eyes appear sunken.

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