How Can Someone Get Perfect Nails?

can-someone-perfect-nails Credit: gilaxia/E+/Getty Images

A person can get better nails by following a manicure regimen that strengthens nails and polishes them. The process should begin with filing the nails.

To file nails, make sure that the nails are first completely dry. Filing wet nails can actually cause the nails to split. The nails should be filed to match the shape of the cuticle and should be rounded. Most people go for an elegant look by keeping the fingernail's length to slightly past the fingertip edge. From here, the nails can be buffed to keep them smooth as well as painted with a beautiful color, if desired. A base coat should be used, with two coats of the color and a top coat to seal the manicure.

Another way to achieve perfect nails consistently is to use cuticle oil in every manicure and every night before bed. This will keep the cuticle hydrated and will also keep hang nails at bay. Lotion should also be put on the hands and nails each morning in order to keep the hand soft and the nails smooth. Hydration is important. To keep hands and nails hydrated, it is recommended that gloves are worn when washing dishes or working in the garden to keep the manicure intact.

If a professional manicure is desired, gel manicures are ideal because they last longer and won't chip. They might be slightly more expensive, but do not need to be redone as often.