How Can Someone Make a Child's Circle Mexican Dancing Skirt?


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To make a Mexican dancing skirt that is fitted for a child, there must be the appropriate amount of fabric cut and tailored according to the child's body measurements. Other features of the skirt, such as its color and frills, can be designed to the individual's own liking.

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The fabric should be a light fabric, and Mexican circle skirts usually have brighter colors, but this is not a mandatory feature. To measure the right waist center for the skit, the child's waist measurement must be measured in inches. Then, 2 inches should be added to this sum, which is then divided by 6.28 to get the radius of the waist. The circle cut for the waist can be made from this found radius. These cuts can be done on tissue paper, which can be used to trace the cuts onto the actual fabric. Circle skirts usually have two layers, so this must be done twice with two pieces of fabric.

Then, each circle of fabric must be cut into up to the center hole. The two pieces must then be stitched together. Further stitching must be done to the inner circle. This is essentially a basting stitch. Leaving plenty of thread at the end and pulling the thread will make the stitch scrunch up the fabric. This will make the waistline fit snug against the child's waist. A waist bow can also be cut from fabric, stitched and hemmed to the waist line to conceal the scrunchy stitching. Thick strips of fabric can be used to design the ruffles. This is what gives the skirt its signature look. Other features, such as further layers and other colors of fabric, can be added as well.

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