How Can Someone Look More Attractive?


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People who want to look attractive should pull their shoulders back and stand tall. Doing this shows confidence, which other people find attractive.

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Other small changes can make a person look attractive:

  • Men who want to look attractive can try growing facial hair. A study published in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior found that women see men with beards as more attractive than those without facial hair.
  • When having a photo taken, people who want to look better should push their tongue onto the roof of their mouth. This can eliminate or reduce a double chin, giving them a streamlined face.
  • Women who want to look more attractive should create the illusion of large eyes by smudging a little smoky eyeshadow along the top line of their eyelashes.
  • Clear skin is seen as an attractive quality, so individuals suffering from acne should try a cleanser that contains two percent salicylic acid.
  • People with clean hair are seen as more attractive than those who do not wash theirs regularly. However, this may be due to the way hair smells, as well as how it looks. Individuals who do not want to wash their hair every day should try spritzing it with a fragrance instead.
  • Longer lashes are seen as attractive worldwide. As well as using mascara, women can try using an eyelash curler to make their lashes appear longer.

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