How Can Someone Get Long Nails Fast?


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Although there are no scientifically proven methods to make nails grow faster, the nails can be protected and be made stronger to prevent them from breaking or chipping, thus maintaining length as they grow. There are several methods that are often used to encourage the nails to grow faster, such as taking dietary supplements, rubbing garlic on the nails and wriggling the fingers in the air for up to several hours. Despite these methods, the nails can only grow at a steady pace of of 1 to 3millimeters a month.

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How Can Someone Get Long Nails Fast?
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Nails are made of keratin, a type of tough protein that also makes up the the hooves and horns of animals. There are several factors that affect the growth of a nail, such as age and health. The nails of children grow fast until puberty when growth slows down to half of its original rate. Nails on the fingers grow faster than the toes, and the nails on the dominant hand will also slightly grow faster than the other hand.

Due to increased circulation and a boost in hormones, pregnant women sometimes experience faster nail growth rate. On the other hand, poor health, drugs and certain kinds of medical treatment like chemotherapy will slow down the growth of nails.

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