How Can Someone Give Themselves a Pedicure?


Someone can give himself or herself a pedicure by soaking, exfoliating and moisturizing his or her feet before trimming and grooming his or her toenails. A simple pedicure can be done with a foot bath or bucket that is filled with warm water and Epsom salt, a pumice stone or foot scrub, a towel, some moisturizer, a nail file, a buffer block, nail clippers, cuticle oil as well as a base and top coat of nail polish.

The feet must be soaked first in a warm foot bath filled with Epsom salts for about five minutes. Once this is done, the skin on the feet should be exfoliated using a circular motion with a pumice stone or some kind of foot scrub. People should pay special attention to the heels and the bottoms of their feet as they do this. Then, the feet can be gently toweled dry. Moisturizer and cuticle cream should then be applied to the feet. This is a good moment to massage the arches of the feet. The cuticles on the toenails should be gently pushed back. The toenails should then be clipped and filed with the nail faces buffed so they are smooth and ready to be polished.

An acetone-soaked cotton swab should be rubbed on the toenails to remove any excess oil and moisture, and then a thin coat of clear base polish should be applied and left to dry. Colored lacquer can also be added. People usually use two coats, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next one. After the top coat is applied, the toenails should be left to dry for at least an hour.