How Can Someone Fix Orange Hair?

The best way to fix orange hair resulting from coloring or dying it is to return the hair to its original color, then attempt to highlight or dye it again. This establishes a blank slate that is easier to work with when attempting to cover orange hair.

Orange hair usually results when the user chooses a dye that is too dark for the hair, or when the original hair is too dark for the color to "show up."

Step 1: Find a natural dye

Finding a dye that is close to the original hair color is the best course of action. If the natural hair is darker than the dye, it might be necessary to bleach the hair before applying the new dye. For lighter hair, apply the dye as usual. Waiting a few weeks before attempting to change the hair color again will protect the hair's health and prevent excess breakages.

Step 2: Dye the hair again

For darker hair, it is best to select a dye that is one or two shades lighter than the color that turned the hair orange. For lighter hair, the new dye should be at least two shades lighter than the first dye. This should prevent the hair from turning orange a second time.