How Can Someone Get Big Curls in Their Hair?

Big curls can be achieved through a carefully applied process of heat protection products, hair sprays and heated implements. There are several methods to use and the one that works best may vary.

The best way to ensure curls stay in hair is to wait until the hair is semi-dry after washing. Applying some type of oil or leave-in conditioner can help protect the hair.

  1. Prepping hair for curling
  2. After letting the hair dry completely, add a heat protection spray.

  3. Separating hair
  4. Separate the hair into three or four sections — messy is okay since these curls are not meant to be perfect.

  5. Curling hair
  6. Working on the bottom sections first, begin curling the hair by wrapping smaller sections around a curling iron. Wrapping outwards, roll the curling iron towards the scalp until resting a comfortable distance away. Let this bunch sit for 15 to 30 seconds. If using a hair straightener, clamp the straightener on the ends of the section and twist towards the scalp, and roll towards the head, gently twisting as it is rolled.

  7. Scrunching hair
  8. As each small section is done and is released from the curling iron, scrunch the hair with the hand upwards to the scalp until the hair is cool. Continue steps three and four until all sections of hair are done.

  9. Finishing the hair
  10. Run fingers through the hair gently to separate the curls and make them look more natural. If desired, a strong hold hairspray can be added to hold the curls in place.