How Can I Soften My Beard?


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Conditioners, leave-in hair repair products and anti-frizz creams effectively soften beards. They are sold as haircare products at stores, pharmacies and salons. However, they are equally effective on facial hair. The New York Times reveals that extremely coarse, rough beards benefit from a thick, softening conditioner applied at the beginning of a morning shower and left on until the end.

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Heavy, oily hair products work wonders on scratchy beards but may leave unsightly residue on pillowcases. The residue clogs pores and exacerbates acne. Fortunately, using heavy products in the morning virtually eliminates this problem. Any grease that remains at the end of the day disappears during bedtime facial cleansing.

Men with highly sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin do not need an overnight beard conditioner. Short facial hair also does not need overnight treatments. To soften extremely long beards during sleep, gently comb a nickel-sized drop of conditioner through the beard, then braid it and secure with a soft hair elastic. This keeps more conditioner on the hair and minimizes transfer to bed linens.

According to Handmade Men, exfoliation is also crucial to beard health. Exfoliating cleaners fight ingrown hairs and clogged pores. They also fight dryness and visible signs of aging by sloughing away dead skin cells.

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