How Can Smartwatches Monitor Fitness?


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Smartwatches boast different features depending on the model, but many can monitor fitness efforts by tracking steps, utilizing GPS technology to track distances or linking with fitness applications on the user's phone. Different smartwatches work with specific operating systems, so ensure the watch is compatible with the phone before purchase.

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Smartwatches are essentially extensions of smartphones as they require a connection with a smartphone. Some of the smartwatches are model specific, working with only Android or iPhone systems, but other smartwatches can connect to and are compatible with multiple operating systems through the use of Bluetooth technology. Choose a watch that is compatible with the desired system, and take into consideration any future phone purchases.

In terms of tracking fitness, many of the Android Wear watches feature heart rate monitors, so wearers can track their heart rates without linking to an additional app. Most of these smartwatches also feature built-in pedometers, making it easy for wearers to track the number of steps taken daily. Most smartwatches are also able to connect to fitness apps, such as the Google Fit fitness tracking app, to track multiple areas, such as caloric intake among others. Other important aspects to consider when purchasing a smartwatch include its battery life, band comfort, the apps it runs and if it is waterproof.

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