How Can Silver Jewelry Be Stored to Prevent Tarnishing?


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There are several different methods for storing silver jewelry that helps prevent tarnishing. The most important thing to remember in storing silver jewelry is to keep moisture and air away from the metal.

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Store silver jewelry in an air-tight container with a product that absorbs moisture, such as a dehumidifying tablet or a packet of silica gel. Also, place anti-tarnish strips into a container with the jewelry. These strips work to absorb pollutants and moisture and need changing periodically. The strip size and replacement rate depends on the area of the storage container, as well as the number of jewelry pieces.

You can use tarnish-intercepting bags to keep silver jewelry lustrous. They work by pulling tarnish, pollutants and moisture away from the pieces and into the fabric of the bag. Prior to any storage option, be sure to first clean and polish jewelry, and thoroughly dry all pieces to remove excess moisture. Each piece of jewelry should have its own space and not touch or stack with others. The compartments in a jewelry box and drawer inserts are commonly used to keep jewelry separated. However, if neither is an option, place individual jewelry pieces into sandwich bags before storing them.

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