How Can You Sell Your Vintage Jewelry?

Vintage jewelry may be sold online through companies such as eBay and Etsy or to local jewelry stores and pawn shops. It may also be sold for parts to gold buyers.

If choosing to sell vintage jewelry online, be sure to include a good number of high-quality photos and any special certifications the jewelry has. Set a price that is close to similar items listed on the chosen website. For those with a large collection of vintage jewelry, setting up a personal online store is another option. When selling to a jewelry shop, it is a good idea to get offers from several shops to make sure the best deal is made. If the pieces are not in good shape or in style, it may be a better option to sell them for parts.

Tips for selling vintage jewelry include considering the condition, setting an accurate price, having the jewelry appraised and cleaning it. Vintage jewelry is more likely to sell when it is in good condition. Damaged vintage jewelry may be restored, but this process is expensive. When determining the selling price for a piece of vintage jewelry, it is important to be objective when determining the aesthetic value. Sentimental value may create a difference in the desired selling price from the actual value.