How Can You Sell an Old Pocket Watch?

can-sell-old-pocket-watch Credit: Lauren Hammond/CC-BY 2.0

Sell an old pocket watch to the Washington-based company Pocket Watch Buyers or to a local pawn shop. Another option is to use, a website devoted to helping people sell antique pocket watches.

Renaissance Watch Repair, also known as Pocket Watch Buyers, vows to pay sellers the best possible prices for old pocket watches. Either bring a watch to the office in person or send it through the mail in order for a dealer to assess its value and make an offer.

Many pawn shops are interested in selling old pocket watches. However, others are leery of taking in any kind of watch since they tend to take a longer time to sell than other pieces of jewelry, so selling a pocket watch is not an option at every pawn shop. is a website that appraises users' old pocket watches and auctions them off to buyers in an online marketplace, remitting payment to the user after the sale. To sell an old pocket watch on, send the company a photograph and description of the watch. Next, the company pays to have the watch shipped to its headquarters where it is cleaned, evaluated and displayed on its website for bidding.