Where Can You Sell Jewelry?


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Jewelry that contains real gold, diamonds and other precious stones, along with good-quality watches, can be sold in a pawn shop, at a jeweler, or online at sites such as Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay. Best practice is to first ascertain the value of the jewelry before selling the piece.

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Where Can You Sell Jewelry?
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Jewelry pieces including diamonds, heirlooms, and gold should be appraised before selling. Although a sellers may not get retail value for their jewelry, knowing its value can affect the sale price. Taking these pieces to an appraiser, or even an experienced pawn broker, can give a seller a firm foundation for pricing when approaching or responding to buyers. High-price items such as diamonds or pieces that have significant historical value should be sold in person if possible, as a professional appraiser may pay more money than an online buyer.

Online selling can be lucrative, and if its the seller's first time, there are online auction guides to aid in the process. Training is free for beginners. Another option for those that have more time to wait for a buyer may be placing the pieces on consignment with a set price and a percentage of the sale going to the seller. Consignment selling takes more time but can yield greater profits than pawn shops and jewelry brokers.

Selling jewelry, whether in person or online, can be tricky. The more a seller knows about the piece, the more likely he is to make a fair amount of money.

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