Where Can I Sell Gemstones?

can-sell-gemstones Credit: r. nial bradshaw/CC-BY 2.0

Places that a person can sell gemstones include auction houses, pawn shops, antique shops and independently owned retail jewelry stores. Gemstones may also be sold to scrap gold buyers, estate dealers or online jewelry warehouses.

Ralph Mueller & Associates, an Arizona diamond and platinum buying company, suggests avoiding pawn shops when selling gems, as they are certain to offer only a small fraction of what the gem is worth. The jewelry company advises selling to a local or online jeweler as probably the most convenient and quickest option for selling a gemstone.

It's important to do research before selling a gemstone, in order to get an accurate idea of what the gem is worth. The amount a buyer pays for a gemstone can vary greatly from one to another, so doing research is crucial for garnering the best price. Get gemstones appraised by an online retailer or at a local jewelry outlet. Another idea to gauge the resale value of the gem is to check eBay for completed auctions with similar gemstones. Age, condition and the era in which the piece was made play a large part in determining its overall worth. For example, Art Deco era gems have good value, as do clear gems as opposed to cloudy or opaque ones, according to gemologist Scott Gordon.