Where Can You See Some Short Hair Styles for Women?

Where Can You See Some Short Hair Styles for Women?

Fashion magazines such as Marie Claire are resources for seeing short hairstyles for women. Websites that specialize in beauty and hair are other likely places to see short hair on women.

Marie Claire has an article showing 21 short hairstyles, and it's available on the magazine's website. The slideshow shows pictures of celebrities sporting short hairstyles. A brief description of why the style is attractive accompanies each picture.

HairFinder.com is a website that specializes in all aspects of hair styling. The site features a gallery of short hairstyles for women. Each picture is a link that leads to a full description of the style with extra pictures. The link also includes information on how to cut and style the hair.

Latest-Hairstyles.com has an article with 35 short haircuts for women. The article includes two pictures of each style showing it from different angles. A brief description and instructions for styling the hair accompany each style. The article also lists recommended products and which face shapes look best with each style.

The Style section of About.com features several articles about short hair for women, including a post that designates style by face shape. Each style has one or two pictures of a celebrity wearing it. The article also includes information about how to style the haircut and on which face shapes it looks best.