Where Can You Search Online for Goggles?

Where Can You Search Online for Goggles?

Websites for sporting good stores are one place to search for swimming goggles, as are general department stores. For safety goggles, home improvement websites are a likely resource. For prescription goggles, specialty websites and online retailers offer a selection.

As of 2015, DICK'S Sporting Goods sells numerous swimming goggles. The site has men's and women's goggles. Brands such as Nike and Speedo are featured, as are specialty goggles, such as competitive, fitness and TYR. TYR goggles feature polarized lenses. The site offers free shipping if a minimum order is met. Many goggles also have user reviews.

Walmart offers more budget options. Customers can filter search results according to color, size and brand. They can also specify customer rating, shipping offers and prices. In many cases, customers can purchase the goggles online and pick them up at a local store for free.

Home improvement websites such as Lowe's list safety goggles. Sometimes the goggles come as part of a safety kit that includes ear plugs and a mask for protecting the ears, mouth and nose. The site offers free shipping when minimum orders are met and free in-store pick up.

Some swimmers wear glasses and so need prescription goggles. Online retailers such as Aquagoggles sell a selection of prescription goggles. The site also explains how to select the correct prescription strength. Amazon.com lists regular swimming goggles, prescription goggles and safety goggles for sale.