How Can a Scrubber Remove Dead Skin on the Foot?


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Scrubbers remove dead skin from the feet by hastening the process of exfoliation, which removes the top layers of the epidermis to allow healthy skin cells from the skin's dermis layer to replace them. Different exfoliating tools and scrubbers can be used to exfoliate feet, and the process is helped by using scrubbing or exfoliating lotions, some of which can be made at home.

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How Can a Scrubber Remove Dead Skin on the Foot?
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The tools used to scrub the feet to remove dead skin include exfoliating gloves, exfoliating sponges, pumice stones, loofahs and natural bristle brushes. Exfoliating gloves are best used with a liquid cleanser. Exfoliating sponges and loofahs have a raspy feeling on the skin and are effective at removing flaking skin. Pumice stones, made from volcanic rock, are effective for exfoliation because it is easy to scrub very hard with them to remove thicker calluses and patches of dead skin.

Sugar and salt are often used as the base materials in exfoliating scrubs because of their natural grittiness. They can be mixed with lotion, soap, honey, oatmeal or baby oil or rubbed on to the dry skin of the foot and then scrubbed off with a scrubbing tool. Commercial foot exfoliating creams are also available, and they are often designed for use with pumice stones. At-home exfoliation should be done approximately every two to three weeks.

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