How Can I Save Money at the Hair Salon or Spa?


Consumers can save money at the hair salon by choosing their salons and spas carefully, avoiding product purchases and limiting the services they receive. notes that any stylist should be capable of executing simple cuts well, so using a discount salon or less experienced stylist for blunt, unlayered cuts is a safe way to save.

Consumers with more elaborate cuts can save by having discount salon stylists do trims, following the previous stylists' lines, between expensive cuts.

A single, all-over color does not require professional application. Consumers who color their hair themselves, or at least do their own root touch-ups, enjoy significant savings.

Add-on services can add significantly to a salon or spa bill. Making do with fewer highlights and washing, conditioning and blow-drying hair reduces the cost of cuts and color. Ordering basic spa services that use minimal products and techniques has the same effect.

Salon-only and spa-only products are priced higher than comparable products with wider availability, but they are not necessarily better. Purchasing quality products at a local beauty supply shop, supermarket or pharmacy keeps salon and spa bills down.

Salons and spas often run sales promotions and offer loyalty programs to entice new customers and encourage them to return. Consumers should watch for these deals on the businesses' websites.