How Can Sagging Neck Skin Be Reduced or Tightened?


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Sagging neck skin can be reduced or tightened by using simple solutions at home or non-invasive procedures such as laser treatment, states WebMD. Surgical procedures such as cervicoplasty and liposuction by a plastic surgeon can also help to tighten a saggy neck, according to Everyday Health.

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Sagging skin can be caused by excess weight, overexposure to the sun or genetic factors. The sagging folds of skin on the neck can be treated by applying over-the-counter Retinol or vitamin A creams. The creams are most effective when used at night and the skin is able to hydrate and replenish itself. Creams that contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs) and vitamin C are also good treatments, according to WebMD.

Nonsurgical treatments using laser and infrared rays can effectively reduce flabby neck skin. These treatments work by heating the inner layers of the skin, firming the skin cells and aiding the formation of new skin collagen. These treatments are expensive and require frequent sittings, notes WebMD.

Cervicoplasty involves puncturing holes behind or in front of the ears and pulling the neck skin taut. This surgical procedure can often lead to scarring or swelling. For liposuction, the local area is anaesthetized. The plastic surgeon makes a tiny incision in the neck and uses a thin tube to remove the excess fat across the neckline, states Everyday Health. Both cervicoplasty and liposuction are temporary solutions to the problem of sagging neck skin and must be repeated periodically to maintain the results.

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