How Can You Find Your Ring Size Using a Chart?

To find your ring size using a chart, wrap a piece of string around your finger, then measure its length. Compare the length to the ring size measurements in the chart to find your correct size. Many jewelry stores offer printable ring size charts on their websites.

Measure your finger at the end of the day when your hands are warm. Fingers get smaller when they are cold and in the morning. Measure multiple times to make sure you get the most accurate measurement. Since your fingers may vary in size, measure the finger on which you intend to wear the ring. If you have a ring that fits, you can compare it with the sizes on a ring size chart to find your size.

A ring that is the correct size fits snugly, but is loose enough to go over the knuckle. To get the most accurate measurement, visit a jewelry store and ask an associate to measure your finger. A ring that is within a half-size of your correct ring size should fit. Jewelry stores typically re-size rings that don't fit.

Women typically have a ring size between three and nine, with six being the most common. Men typically have a ring size between eight and 14, with nine being the most common.