How Can You Get Rid of Pimples Overnight?


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Using a facial cleanser targeted toward oily and acne-prone skin, an oil-free moisturizer and spot treatment is the traditional sequence to minimizing the visibility of pimples overnight. Spot treatments are found at the drugstore in the skincare section. Holistic methods, such as the use of toothpaste or crushed aspirin, are found in personal medicine cabinets.

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Getting rid of pimples overnight is a complex process that is tailored to each person's skincare needs. The basic template for skincare is washing with a quality facial cleanser, moisturizing with oil-free lotion and using spot treatments on blemishes. Spot treatments are most effective when they use benzoyl peroxide in 2.5 percent concentration or salicylic acid in 2 percent concentration. These treatments are available over the counter in drugstores in varying potencies and price ranges. They are potent and have the potential to cause skin irritation on sensitive skin types. Consulting a dermatologist before starting a regimen helps to reduce the risk of adverse skin reactions to acne treatments.

Using natural methods on breakouts reduces the risk of further inflammation. Tea tree oil, diluted lemon juice and toothpaste applied directly on the blemish are less harsh methods to eliminated redness. While no method is a guaranteed overnight solution, they help correct skin blemishes over time.

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