How Can You Get Rid of a Pimple on Your Lip?

can-rid-pimple-lip Credit: Tuan Tran/Moment/Getty Images

Wash the pimple and lip area with a medicated soap several times a day until the pimple is gone. Apply a warm washcloth to the lip as a hot compress to reduce pimple swelling.

Pour a little astringent on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball on the pimple. This removes bacteria from the pimple. Do not touch or squeeze the lip pimple by hand, as this could cause additional swelling and prolong the time the pimple stays on the face. If the pimple can be popped, cover the hand with a hot washcloth and press down on the pimple gently. Apply pressure to both sides of the pimple with cotton swabs to draw out the impurity.