How Can You Get Rid of Dark Patches on Your Face?

There are multiple options to remove dark patches of skin on the face, including using lemon juice, buttermilk and facial exfoliation. Depending on the reason for the dark pigmentation patches, removing them can take considerable time.

Exfoliation is a useful technique for removing dark skin patches. It works by removing layers of dead skin cells, helping to slough away old skin cells, lightening dark patches and brightening the appearance of the face. Exfoliation is also an excellent preparation method to allow for deeper penetration methods. Users can choose a natural exfoliant or a shop-bought preparation.

Lemon juice, from fresh lemons, contains natural acids and vitamin C. When applied to the skin on a cotton ball, rubbed onto the dark patches, then left to dry before being washed off with warm water, the lemon juice lightens the dark skin. This method is most effective when used daily for at least two weeks. This method is also a good choice for eradicating black heads.

For sensitive skin, a good alternative to lemon juice is buttermilk. Four teaspoons of buttermilk are mixed with two teaspoons of tomato juice. The mixture is applied to the skin and left for 15 minutes, before washing off with plain water. This procedure works best when applied twice daily for at least two weeks.