What Can Get Rid of Calcium Deposits on My Skin?

There are a variety of ways to get rid of calcium deposits on the skin, but the safest way is to consult a doctor. A doctor removes the calcium deposit in his office in an outpatient procedure where pain is minimal. It is important to see a doctor in case the presence of calcium deposits on the skin are indicative of a more severe underlying health issue.

Depending on the severity and scope of the calcium deposits, a variety of treatment options are available. Generally, a doctor starts out by putting the patient on antibiotics and calcium blockers to rid the body of excess calcium and prevent more deposits from forming. Along with medicine, the doctor and the patient work to treat any underlying medical conditions that may be related. If this method is unsuccessful, a doctor uses laser therapy and cortisone injections to help dissolve the deposits. If these lesions are still present, the doctor usually recommends surgical removal. The surgical procedure removes the deposits and some surrounding tissues, while an antibiotic regiment supplements the patient's post surgical treatment.

An overwhelming majority of doctors agree that calcium deposits need to be removed by professionals, not the patients themselves. If there are multiple deposits, especially if they are large or in sensitive areas like eyelids and fingertips, they can easily cause infection and injury if not properly cared for.