How Can You Get Rid of Acne Overnight?

How Can You Get Rid of Acne Overnight?

There are several inexpensive solutions to get rid of acne overnight. A simple, effective remedy involves a mild face soap, cleanser, tepid water, a cotton ball, apple cider vinegar and an ice cube. Cleansing, cooling and using an astringent directly on affected skin helps to reduce visible pimples.

  1. Wash your face

    Thoroughly wash your face with a mild face wash and clean hands. Do not use abrasive scrubs, loofahs, sponges or washcloths. Gently massage cleanser into the skin, rinse well with tepid water, and pat dry with a towel. You may also wish to use one of the medicated products available for acne prone skin.

  2. Prep the affected area using an ice cube

    Wrap an ice cube in one or two plies of paper towel and apply to the affected area. Hold the ice cube to the pimple for two to three minutes.

  3. Apply apple cider vinegar

    Dip a cotton ball into apple cider vinegar. Dab the vinegar onto the pimple.

  4. Cleanse face the next morning

    After a good night's sleep, repeat the cleansing process by washing the face with a mild acne soap and rinsing with tepid water. Do not use facial scrubs or anything other then clean hands to wash the skin. After cleansing, dry with a soft towel. Pat, do not rub, your face with the towel.

  5. Finish by applying an ice cube

    Finish the process by wrapping an ice cube in a paper towel and holding it onto the affected area or areas for two to three minutes.