How Can You Find a Revlon Color Chart?


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To find a Revlon color chart, visit the company's website, and click on the Products link. Choose a category, and select a product line. If the product is available in multiple colors, a color chart appears below the description.

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Each Revlon color chart features a set of small squares, each filled with a different color. To see the name of the color, click on the square. The name appears in the Select a Shade drop-down menu at the top of the chart.

The color charts for many Revlon makeup products, such as lipsticks and lacquer lip balms, feature solid-colored squares. On the hair-dye charts, each square is filled with a photograph of hair that matches the dye color. Some products, including eye shadow palettes, feature more than one color in a square.

When clicking on a small square in the color chart, the product image to the left usually changes to match, as of August 2015. The larger image offers a closer look at the color and the product box or container. For some products, the Revlon website displays a collage of the product in action below the chart. Each collage includes a photo of the product on a white surface, a photo of the full range of products, and a photo of a model wearing the product.

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