Where Can I Research Hair Colors?


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A person who wishes to find the right shade of hair color can visit an online site, such as thehairstyler.com, to get customized recommendations. Hair dye companies are also sometimes willing to answer questions regarding their hair coloring products. In addition, hair-coloring professionals working at hair salons have a wealth of information regarding hair-coloring products and choices.

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Product boxes often provide contact phone numbers for the manufacturer making it easy to speak directly with customer service representatives who can answer hair coloring questions. For instance, if a consumer wants to know if a certain color can be used on relaxed or previously color-treated hair, providing customer service with her personal details can help with researching and choosing the right products.

Shades of hair coloring are measured according to levels. For example, natural blonde hair is classified as falling somewhere between shade levels one and 10; this system of classification applies to all hair colors. When considering whether or not to go lighter or darker, a professional can provide suggestions about the best shade to choose based on the customer's natural hair color and the level of intensity desired. Hair coloring choices are typically based on several factors, including gender, natural color of the hair and skin tone.

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