Where Can You Find Replacement Glass Shades for a Torchiere Floor Lamp?

Replacement parts for torchiere floor lamps can easily be found online. For an exact replacement of your original shade, contact the manufacturer, if known. If you don't know the manufacturer, several suppliers offer a range of replacements.

If you know the manufacturer of your lamp, contact the customer service department to learn if identical replacement shades are available. The customer service contact information can usually be found on the manufacturer's website. Make sure you have the model number for the floor lamp available before calling or sending an email.

Older lamps may not have visible manufacturer or model number information. In this case, search for a lighting parts supplier online. Grand Brass and Specialty Lamp Shades both offer a range of torchiere glass shades. Other suppliers may be found by typing "torchiere replacement glass" in any search engine.

When ordering a replacement shade, first measure the width of the torchiere holder to make sure the replacement shade fits on the base of your lamp. Once you have ensured you have the right size, select one that complements the base. Glass shades come in styles ranging from modern to Victorian. Ornate columns are often best complemented by Victorian style shades, while simpler columns may be better paired with a more modern shade.