How Can You Find Replacement Bag Handles?


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To find a replacement bag handle, check your local thrift stores, yard sales and online retailers. Online retailers, like eBay, sell handles as an individual item. However, yard sales and thrift stores sell cheap purses with handles that can be removed and used on other bags.

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EBay's sellers sell replacement bag handles in various sizes, styles and colors. As of 2015, these handles typically range in prices from 99 cents to $40.00. An online store called Mautto specializes in selling new purse handles. The prices for Mautto's bag handles varies depending on the style, size of order and length of handle.

At a yard sale, typically you can purchase used purses for a couple of dollars. To repurpose them, check the quality of the handle. If it is not falling apart, remove it from the purse that you do not want. Then, sew or attach it where the original handle used to be on the purse that you want to keep.

The last option to find a replacement handle is to design your own. Buy some fabric at your local arts and craft store, or use fabric from worn-out clothes. Sew the fabric on top of the original handle to repair it. Additionally, some craft stores sell bag handles.

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