How Can You Find or Replace Lost Class Rings?


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Many college and high school class rings include some form of loss or theft protection, which typically allows you to purchase a duplicate ring at reduced cost under specific circumstances. Alternatively, find or replace your class ring by searching on sites such as ClassRingFinder.com or LostMyRing.com, as of 2015.

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Companies such as Jostens, Herf Jones and Balfour all offer programs that allow you to purchase a replacement class ring in the event that it is lost or stolen. The specific details vary between companies and often change over time, but most companies require you to submit a written claim along with the original invoice or proof of purchase and a description of the ring. Some may also require a police report number or description of the circumstances surrounding the ring's departure. Most companies offer a new ring at a reduced price rather than replacing it for free, and they only offer the protection for one to four years. Some companies may offer extended protection plans at an additional cost.

You can also search sites such as ClassRingFinder.com and LostMyRing.com, which allow individuals to post about lost or found rings. Other methods for finding a lost class ring include searching your home or vehicle, checking the pockets of your clothing and posting lost ads in your neighborhood or on a local community classifieds site.

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