Can You Repair a Watch Using Spare Parts?


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The use of spare parts is an integral aspect of the repair process for wristwatches and other timepieces, particularly vintage models. While it is possible to purchase new parts for a watch, it is often less expensive to harvest the parts from damaged watches.

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Can You Repair a Watch Using Spare Parts?
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The specific process for repairing a watch varies depending on the issue and severity of the damage. Some issues are cosmetic, such as a cracked glass face or broken band, while others involve stripped gears or faulty battery connectors. In nearly all circumstances, it is often economically sensible and more efficient to use spare parts for the repair. Many professional watch repair services maintain an in-house inventory of timepieces and parts for use in various repair jobs.

It is also possible to purchase new replacement parts for certain contemporary brands and current watch lines as well as older models that use parts still in circulation. However, many discontinued or custom timepieces require the use of spare parts due to the nature of their designs. Many older watches come in special sizes that do not line up with standard part sizes or contain mechanisms not in use in current watches, making the demand for such parts low.

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