How Can I Repair a Citizen Watch Band?

How Can I Repair a Citizen Watch Band?

To repair a Citizen-brand watch band, first evaluate if the repair is worthwhile in the first place. Then, find a replacement band through the official website or another vendor. Install the band once you have it.

  1. Evaluating if repairs are worthwhile

    Replacement metal bands for a Citizen watch range in price from about $20 to $120. For watch bands that are on the lower end of the range, it is less hassle and less money to simply replace the watch band. For watch bands on the higher end of the range, a consultation with a watchmaker can determine if the band is salvageable or not. Leather and rubber bands are typically below $30 and are almost universally cheaper to replace than to repair. If the damage to the leather band is only fraying seams, a cobbler can re-stitch the seams. Leather bands do not have a particularly long lifespan, and a repaired band will only last so long.

  2. Finding a replacement watch band

    Citizen sells a wide variety of watch bands on its website. Although the material and style of the replacement band varies from the original, select a watch band that is the same size. There are also a number of other vendors who sell Citizen watch bands. It is helpful to obtain a spring bar tool when the band is purchased.

  3. Completing the replacement

    Citizen watch bands connect to the watch face with spring bars. Using a spring bar tool is the best way to change the band without damaging the watch. Turn the watch face down, and position the spring bar tool between the band and the watch face. Push the spring bar towards the watch band until it releases. Repeat for the other side of the watch band. To install the new band, simply line up the spring bars of the new band into the watch face. If there is any issue lining up the bars, the spring bar tool is helpful to reach small spaces.