How Can I Remove the Yellow From My Gray Hair?

Artificial yellow coloring, chlorine and smoke are prime causes of yellowing in gray hair. To remove yellow streaks, avoid the causes, strip the hair and use a toning shampoo. Removing yellowing in gray hair takes as little as regular shower time and requires clarifying shampoo, toning shampoo, bleach and a water filter.

  1. Avoid the causes

    Shampoos and conditioners with a yellowish tint can deposit that color on your hair, so switch to clear products instead. Smoking is another prime cause, so avoid smoke-filled places, and stop smoking yourself. If your water contains heavy concentrations of chemicals such as chlorine, install a water filter in your shower.

  2. Strip the hair

    Buy a high-quality clarifying shampoo formulated to remove build up from the hair. Use it every time you shampoo until you notice the yellow fading. Follow with a moisturizing conditioner as clarifying shampoo also strips natural oils from the hair.

  3. Chemically strip the hair

    If the yellow tint is very dark, such as from smoking, chemical stripping may be necessary. Make a shampoo cap of equal parts bleach, processor and shampoo. Leave the shampoo cap on for 15 to 20 minutes, and shampoo out.

  4. Use purple shampoo

    To give gray hair a snow-white or silver appearance, shampoo with purple shampoo once a week. Look for shampoos formulated to tone hair.