Can I Remove Skin Tags With Wart Remover?


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Wart remover should not be used to remove skin tags, according to TeensHealth. While there are wart removal products on the market that purport the removal of skin tags in addition to warts, TeensHealth recommends that skin tags be removed in a doctor's office for safety. A quick process, skin tags are easily removed by cutting, burning or freezing them off, according to Minars Dermatology.

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A skin tag is a small growth of skin up to a half-inch long that is typically the same color or a bit darker than surrounding skin, according to MedlinePlus. When skin tags become large or rub against clothing, they become bothersome and many people opt for removal, according to TeensHealth. While wart remover products work in a similar way to remove warts, they are intended for use on hardened skin and not skin tags, according to TeensHealth.

Skin tags are connected to blood vessels and bleed when removed, according to TeensHealth. If not removed in a sterile environment, they can become infected, making a doctor's office the appropriate place to have them removed, according to MedlinePlus. Unless a skin tag is irritated, there is no medical reason to remove it, as they are harmless, according to MedlinePlus.

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