How Can You Remove Nail Polish Without Using Nail Polish Remover?


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Alternatives to nail polish remover include clear top or base coat, spray deodorant, perfume and hairspray. A few other simple household items are also useful for removing nail polish, such as cotton balls, wet wipes, cotton swabs, soap, water and moisturizer.

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To remove polish with clear top or base coat, apply a layer over the old polish, and immediately wipe it away with a cotton swab or wet wipe. To use spray deodorant, perfume or hairspray, hold a cotton ball directly in front of the spray nozzle. Saturate the cotton ball as much as possible, then rub the old polish vigorously until the nail is clean. When using any of these products, the procedure may have to be repeated several times in order to remove all of the polish.

After the polish is removed, immediately wash and dry your hands or feet thoroughly to prevent the products used to remove the polish from leaving a residue on your nails. Next, moisturize the skin around the nails to keep the skin from becoming dry or cracked.

To remove nail polish from furniture or carpet, hair spray and rubbing alcohol are the best choices. Spray or pour a small amount directly onto the stained surface, then blot with a sponge or paper towel. To remove dried polish from hair, saturate the stained hair with conditioner or oil, and carefully slide the polish pieces down the hair shaft using the fingernails.

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