How Can You Remove Acne Scars Quickly?


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It may not be possible to remove acne scars quickly, but the appearance of the scars can be minimized with cortisone cream that calms the skin and reduces inflammation and skin lighteners that contain vitamin C and kojic acid, according to WebMD. Steroid injections and surgical treatments such as laser surgery, dermabrasion, excision and skin grafts may help to minimize the appearance of acne scars.

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Physicians may also recommend silicone gel sheetings to treat acne scars or pressure treatment to minimize the depth of the scar's appearance, notes WebMD. Over-the-counter treatment options include antihistamine creams and steroids. These medications can cause sensitive skin or itching.

Surgical treatment is often performed one year after the scar has formed or treated to determine if the acne scar fades over time, explains WebMD. Skin grafts involve transplanting skin from another area of the body to cover the skin plagued by acne scars. Laser skin surgery or resurfacing uses technology to increase the amount of collagen the skin produces and smooth out the skin surface affected by acne scars. Ablative lasers are used to vaporize the scar. Some patients opt for filler injections to fill in indentations in the skin caused by deep acne scars. Filler injections often require repeat treatment, as the skin absorbs the filler over time.

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