How Can a Rash From Shaving Be Treated?


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A rash that develops as a result of shaving can be treated by soothing the area, giving it time to heal and using antibacterial creams. Improper shaving techniques and dull razor blades can result in a razor burn. Those with a razor burn can treat it by soothing the skin with mild astringents, such as coconut oil or aloe vera. Stronger products like aftershave can aggravate the rash and should be avoided, especially in areas other than the face where skin is more sensitive.

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For a severe rash, over-the-counter ointments can be considered, such as hydrocortisone. However, these should be used sparingly. Lastly, those suffering from a rash should avoid shaving the area again until the rash heals.

Preventing a razor burn starts with a sharp razor. Dull blades require more pressure and a greater number of passes to remove hair, irritating skin in the process. Washing and exfoliating the area before shaving removes dead skin, oil and other impurities. This keeps the blade clean while shaving, allowing it to remove hair with ease. Shaving cream lubricates the skin, helping the blade move smoothly over it. To avoid unsightly razor bumps, raised spots caused by ingrown hair, always shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it. Moisturizing the skin after shaving soothes it and prevents a rash from developing.

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