What Can You Put on the Scalp for a Chemical Burn?

For superficial chemical burns, antibacterial ointments and aloe vera gel are appropriate treatments. Applying either of these two substances with a cotton ball or swab to the affected area is usually sufficient for burns that are not serious. Hair relaxers and bleaching agents have caustic chemicals in them that sometimes cause chemical burns.

While the scalp burn heals, it is important to gently comb the hair to avoid disturbing the area that may be scabbing over. Similarly, it is necessary to wash the hair with gentle products and avoid using a hair dryer because heat aggravates the problem.

If a scalp burn does not heal within a couple of days, it is wise to see a dermatologist. In some cases, deep or severe chemical burns require hospitalization and medical treatments that include surgical excision or grafting, according to the National Institute of Health.