Where Can I Put My Face on Different Hairstyles?


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There are several websites that allow people to upload a photo of yourself and "try on" different hairstyles and hair colors. These sites are called virtual makeover sites and are often free of charge.

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In addition to free virtual makeover sites, there are software applications that people can buy to use on their personal computers. These software packages often offer more advanced tweaking and better images than free online versions. Since these software programs can get expensive, most people do not make the investment unless they have a professional interest.

However, there are many salons that offer professional consultations using this software. Taking advantage of this service allows clients to get an idea of how a certain hairstyle or hair color will look before they make drastic changes. If someone wishes to go extremely short or wants to dramatically change their appearance, it's a good idea to use this software first.

In some cases, virtual makeover software can also be used for makeup applications, which comes in handy for complete makeovers. Using the software allows one to try on several looks in the course of a couple of minutes rather than hours. Plastic surgeons also use similar software to give their patients an idea of how they will look after surgery.

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