Where Can You Purchase Scrub Hats That Are Worn in Operating Rooms?

Where Can You Purchase Scrub Hats That Are Worn in Operating Rooms?

Scrub hats suitable for wearing in an operating room are available online from sites such as HarmonySurgicalDesigns.com and BlueSkyScrubs.com. Surgical scrub caps are available in men's and women's styles.

HarmonySurgicalDesigns.com offers numerous women's scrub hat styles, including the Euro, the harmony ponytail, the Florence and the classic bouffant. Euro styles offer a little more room to accommodate hair, while bouffant styles feature even more space. The harmony ponytail styles allow for covering a ponytail, white the Florence style simply ties in the back.

HarmonySurgicalDesigns.com also sells men's scrub caps in masculine colors and prints.

BlueSkyScrubs.com sells surgical scrub hats for both men and women, as well as disposable hats. The men's hats come in three print styles -- executive, sport and urban. The urban collection includes Holiday prints. For women, the options are small caps for short hair, ponytail styles and the traditional bouffant.

Scrubs.com advertises that the company sells designer surgical caps. These include a wide variety of styles, including the original super tie, the tieback, the original mega and Facebook hats. Many eye-catching prints are available. Likewise, shoppers can customize the hats with embroidery.

SparklingEarth.com sells surgical scrub caps with sweatbands attached. These scrub caps come in the standard tieback style with several different print options. A terry cloth band is sewn around the perimeter to absorb the accumulation of sweat during surgery.