Where Can You Purchase Hand-Carved Walking Sticks?


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As of 2015, Irish Walking Sticks, CarvedWalkingSticks.com and Spirit Creek Walking Sticks sell a variety of hand-carved walking sticks. Overstock.com also sells a small selection of these items.

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Irish Walking Sticks allows customers to choose the type of wood used in their walking sticks and offers free shipping on orders over $80, as of December 2015. CarvedWalkingSticks.com sells hand-carved canes, walking sticks and trek poles, as well as a line of accessories including cane stands and umbrella holders. Spirit Creek Walking Sticks artisans carve each walking stick from red alder with a chisel and a mallet. Each hand-carved walking stick also comes with a fleece-lined leather wrist sling. Overstock.com offers free shipping on orders over $50.

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