Where Can I Purchase Brocato Hair Products?

Where Can I Purchase Brocato Hair Products?

As of 2014, Brocato hair products can be purchased at Ulta hair salons and at online retailers, such as Amazon, Beauty Care Choices, Sleek Hair and Monster Hair. Brocato's website has a searchable geographic salon locator. Brocato's 2014 line of products is divided into regimens, styling and finishing, color, smoothing and tools. Not all locations carry all products.

Regimens is made up of shampoo and conditioning products, including a Peppermint Purifying regimen, Splassh Daily regimen, Vibracolor Fade Prevent regimen, Saturate Intensive Moisture regimen, Cloud 9 Miracle Repair regimen and Swell Volume Full Body regimen. Each regimen has between two and five products.

Styling is subdivided into foundations, details, shine and finishing with five or six products in each category. Foundations has mousse, creme, foam, gel and spray. Finishing has four hairsprays. Details has icing, paste, heat activated volume, fat hair cream and texturizing mist. Shine has three shimmering sprays in gold, platinum and pearlescent, glisten spray, smoothing serum and restorative hair infusion.

Brocato offers a professional line of hair color and hair color maintenance in its color division. Brocato's smoothing line is also created for salon use but has a home care auxiliary line called Supersilk to maintain smoothness.

In tools, Brocato offers an oscillating flat iron and a variety of combs, clips and brushes.