How Can You Print a Picture on a Shirt for Free?

How Can You Print a Picture on a Shirt for Free?

Computer users can print pictures on shirts at home using photo editing software, a home printer, transfer paper and an iron. Although they must purchase printer ink and transfer paper, there are no printing fees involved.

People who want to print their own custom shirts but do not want to pay for a printing service can do the job at home. They can create their own photo or image transfers using the following steps.

  1. Choose a shirt
  2. The size of the shirt helps determine the size that the transfer should be. Shirt color can help users decide which colors are compatible with the shirt. Light colored shirts are usually easier to print than dark colored shirts.

  3. Select a picture
  4. Choose a picture that can stand out on the shirt fabric.

  5. Edit the picture in a photo editing program
  6. Open the picture in a photo editing program to resize the image, crop it and adjust the colors and brightness. If there is writing in the image, flip the image so that the writing appears backwards, otherwise it will show up backwards on the printed shirt.

  7. Print the picture
  8. Print the picture onto iron-on transfer paper using a color inkjet printer. Make sure the paper is facing the right side.

  9. Iron on the transfer
  10. Heat up a regular clothing iron to the hottest setting possible. Cover the ironing board with a pillowcase and place the shirt on top of it. Iron any wrinkles out of the shirt so that the surface is smooth. Place the transfer paper face-down onto the shirt. Press the iron down as hard as possible onto the transfer. Iron the transfer in a circular motion for 1 to 3 minutes.

  11. Remove the backing
  12. Leave the transfer to cool, then remove the transfer paper backing.