How Can You Get a Preview of Your Picture With a Stacked Bob Hairstyle?


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To get a free preview of your picture with a stacked bob hairstyle, you can download Android apps such as Modiface from Google Play or trial versions of imaging software such as “Hair Master” (for Windows 7) from Softonic.com. Input a digital picture of yourself, and the software lets you try on many different hairstyles (over 5,000 with “Hair Master”).

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To get started making a preview of you in a stacked bob hairstyle, download a copy of a free app or software that allows you to input a photo. Look for features such as before-and-after comparisons and the ability to adjust angles to make styles more closely fit your face. Although some software can do 3-D modeling, plan to use a good-quality, high-resolution photo of your face in full view from the front. Once you’ve selected a photo, follow the software’s instructions for opening your photo in the preview window. From there you should be able to point and click at the variations on the stacked bob or swipe through styles on your smart device. Most software allows you to print out pictures, and some allow you to share them via social media.

If downloads and installing are inconvenient, there are also websites such as TheHairStyler.com that offer online imaging services. The advantages are you can go online anytime, and upload as many different photos as you like. You can also print out and share online. The disadvantage is that such services often require paid memberships.

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