How Can You Prevent Welts From Turning Into Scars?


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It's possible to prevent welts from turning into scars by immediately caring for the wound, such as cleaningitwith cool water rather than irritants like soap and hydrogen peroxide, and then covering it. Cover the wound in order to prevent bacteria and dirt from entering, and apply an antibiotic ointment to maintain cleanliness and reduce the appearance of scars, notes WebMD.

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Scabs enable white blood cells to attack any bacteria that may enter the wound, without the intrusion of other bacteria. If the wound is reopened, this could make the scar larger.

Sometimes, scarring happens anyway. Some individuals are prone to scarring, and welts that are shallow and mild can scar as well. It is possible to prevent scarring in common scarring areas, namely the shoulders and back, by avoiding heavy lifting and upper body exercises until the injury has dissipated.

Some injuries are too severe to treat without medical help, at least if the goal is to avoid scarring. If the wound is bleeding heavily or for a long time, medical help should be sought. This is also necessary if the welt is from a bite, it's located near the face, it's long and ragged or it seems to be infected or extremely painful.

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